Will My Insurance Cover All The Expenses I Incur If I Hit Another Car?

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Owning an automobile is not just a lifestyle in the United States but rather a requirement. Most citizens in the country own a car and rely on it for going to their jobs, picking up their children from school, for shifting and transporting goods and for general transportation. With the purchase of any automobile comes a variety of vehicle insurance schemes.

Automobile insurance policies that deal with vehicle damage fall under two main categories. The first category is known as comprehensive insurance and is focused on all kinds of accidents apart from vehicle to vehicle crashes. Comprehensive car insurance covers incidents that are unpredictable, beyond any control of the drivers and are generally categorized as “acts of God.” Some of the various situations and accidents that are covered under typical comprehensive car insurance are mentioned below.

  • Natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes. Random acts of nature such as crashing of trees or damage caused by crashing into wildlife.
  • Urban disasters such as acts of terrorism, explosions, fires, and civil unrest.
  • Various forms of theft and vandalism.
  • Damage caused by random falling objects.

If vehicle owners wish for coverage during a road accident where they hit another car, then they need to be covered by collision insurance schemes.

Overview of Collision Insurance

Collision insurance policies are strictly designed for such collision scenarios where the driver has a certain amount of control over the vehicle. When the driver has rammed into another car in any given scenario, they can safely rely on collision insurance to cover for the damages. Some of the various scenarios that are covered under such collision insurance policies include-

  • Driving into a parked car or a car being driven into the insurance holder’s car.
  • Driving into stationary objects such as lamp posts, trees, and walls.
  • Crashing into objects while trying to avoid random wildlife on the road.
  • A crash into deep ditches and potholes.
  • Damage due to flipping over of the car.
  • Certain hit-and-run cases where uninsured motorist coverage is not available.

The main advantage of getting collision insurance is that the insurance holder is covered in case of such car to car accidents irrespective of anybody’s fault. The actual fault committed is not taken into consideration, only the damage to the car. Collision claims usually get processed a lot faster than property damage insurance due to this very reason. Added to this, another major advantage is that, after the accident, the insurance holder directly deals with the insurance company instead an insurer with a lesser incentive. Such collision insurance schemes can be used on rental cars as well saving the cost of going through a rental car insurance.

It is often advised to get both kinds of coverage of the car. This is more so if the car is leased or self-financed if it is less than 10 years old and if it is more expensive than $3,000. For leasing or self-financing, it is often a mandatory requirement to have both insurance schemes.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident and are struggling in dealing with the insurance company to obtain coverage for all of your losses, you may need to contact the best car accident lawyer in Morgantown, WV at Adams Legal Group, PLLC to help you obtain the compensation to which you are entitled.

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