What Is a Parenting Coordinator?

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When co-parenting relationships feature a high-degree of conflict and tension, a parenting coordinator may be utilized in order to foster healthier situations. Sometimes courts order co-parents to work with parenting coordinators during child custody and visitation disputes. At other times, parents may voluntarily seek out the services of these individuals. It is important to note from the start that parenting coordinators are not a highly regulated profession. If you have either been ordered to seek the assistance of a parenting coordinator or are interested in utilizing these services for any reason, you should consider obtaining a recommendation or two from a trusted family law attorney. Parenting coordinators can have significant influence over how co-parenting relationships operate, so it is imperative that you work with one who is competent, professional, impartial and experienced. An experienced family law attorney will almost certainly know of one or more parenting coordinators whose approach matches these criteria.

Parenting Coordinators – The Basics

A parenting coordinator is tasked with helping to manage co-parenting relationships in healthy ways. Oftentimes, these individuals aid co-parents with developing or revising their parenting plans so that their children’s best interests will be more adequately and consistently met. It is undeniably difficult to focus on a child’s best interests when one is constantly fighting with one’s co-parent. Parenting coordinators seek to help co-parents work out those differences that tend to inspire high levels of conflict so that they do not plague the co-parenting relationship and affect the children involved as often (and/or to the significant degree) as they otherwise might.

In general, parenting coordinators work primarily with parents separately so that they do not take on the role of mediator. By working with each parent individually, it generally becomes easier to evaluate strengths and weaknesses of the high-conflict co-parenting relationship without setting both parents up to fight during problem solving sessions. This arrangement tends to make the process of working with a parenting coordinator less stressful for everyone involved. At the end of the process, the parenting coordinator will make recommendations to the parents and/or the court that may or may not be treated as mandatory.

Child Custody Guidance Is Available

If you have questions about child custody, parenting coordinators or any other aspect of “the legal side” of co-parenting, please do not hesitate to connect with an experienced family law attorney. Too often, parents fail to ask questions before they find themselves on shaky legal ground. In reality, attorneys can serve as excellent resources at any time. Whether you are hoping to avoid conflict with your co-parent in the future, you are unsure of how to navigate current conflicts or you anticipate that some x-factor is going to inspire conflict in the future, a family lawyer in Rockville, MD can help. Also, consultations are confidential so you need not feel shy or anxious about speaking up at any time. A law firm is happy to help guide you through your legal options so that you can make informed decisions about how best to proceed on behalf of yourself and your child. 



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