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Practice Areas

Adams Legal Group, PLLC is a Morgantown, WV personal injury, automobile accident, and medical malpractice law firm. We primarily handle serious injury, accident, medical negligence and business law cases; however, as a general practice law firm we have broad experience in a number of different practice areas, and also regularly handle divorce, chile custody and criminal defense matters.

We Proudly Represent Individuals Seriously Injured In Accidents or By Medical Malpractice in West Virginia and Pennsylvania

If you or a loved one have been seriously injured or killed, because of the negligence, carelessness or fault of someone else, call us for a free consultation to discuss your chances of recovery and let us help you get a monetary settlement that is fair. We handle personal injury and malpractice cases in Morgantown, Fairmont, Clarksburg, Kingwood, Grafton, Weston, Buckhannon, Philippi, Elkins, and throughout the state of West Virginia and in Uniontown, Waynesburg, Washington, Pittsubrgh and throughout Pennsylvania. If you have been injured and have been contacted by an insurance company wanting to discuss your claim - negotiating with an insurance company is not something that you should face alone. Get competent legal counsel on your side. We have spent many years litigating medical malpractice, motor vehicle accident, wrongful death, product liability, wrongful discharge, employment discrimination, and many other types of negligence lawsuits on the side of the alleged wrongdoer and their insurance companies. Now we bring that experience and invaluable insights to benefit you, if you were wronged by someone else's negligence, recklessness, malpractice or deliberate misconduct.

Business Litigation, Transactional and Organizational Matters

If you are just organizing your business or revising your corporate governing documents, we can help with sound legal guidance and document preparation. If your company is entering into business contracts for franchising, supply and distribution, sales, assets- or product-purchase agreements, call Adams Legal Group to ensure that your interests are being protected. Hiring new employees or subcontractors? Protect your intellectual property rights with properly drafted employment and non-compete agreements. Has a competitor engaged in unfair competition, misappropriated your intellectual property or a business partner breached the terms of an agreement—call Adams Legal Group, PLLC to for sound legal guidance in your business affairs.

West Virginia Divorce, Child Support & Child Custody Issues

If you are facing a divorce, child support or child custody issues, get Adams Legal Group on your side to fight for you and protect your rights. Even if these issues are not hotly contested, any agreements you reach will be submitted to a court and a binding legal decree will set forth your rights—don’t allow yourself to be surprised months or years down the road by a term you overlooked or forgot to include. Of course, proper planning before getting married (Prenuptials) or even after you are married (Postnuptial Agreement) can facilitate the process should a separation or divorce ever occur. Adams Legal Group can also assist with wills and powers of attorney to help loved ones follow your true directives in case of an untimely demise or incapacity.

Morgantown Misdemeanor and Felony Criminal Defense

If you were arrested or cited for DUI, disorderly conduct, public intoxication, obstruction, a domestic assault or battery charge, or some other minor criminal offense, we can defend you and protect your rights. Additionally, our criminal defense attorneys have experience in handling felony charges related to DUI (subsequent or aggravated charges), domestics, solicitation of a minor, conspiracy and even murder and manslaughter charges. Unfortunately we all make mistakes, don’t allow a poor decision or poor judgment ruin your life—get competent legal counsel on your side.

West Virginia & Pennsylvania Mediation and ADR

Attorney William Adams has completed the basic and advanced mediation training program offered by the West Virginia State Bar and has mediated both civil personal injury claims as well as family law (divorce and custody) claims and brings years of experience as a trial lawyer throughout West Virginia to the negotiation table. Attorney Kristen Antolini also offers mediation services for family law cases, and has completed the WV Supreme Court-Approved certification course, which is required for court appointments in family law case mediations. Adams Legal Group, PLLC, offers competitive fees and reduced travel rates.


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