Criminal Defense Attorney Morgantown, WV

If you find yourself in trouble and facing serious penalties, you will want an experienced defense lawyer on your side.Criminal Defense Attorney Morgantown, WV

Even if you are a smart and intelligent person, representing yourself would be almost impossible. The judicial system is designed to be a complex system with nuances that unless you are experienced lawyer,  it would take years to learn how to navigate. If your income qualifies you for a court-appointed lawyer, you could get good representation but it can often take longer. Court-appointed lawyers are usually under paid and they caseload can be substantial. Every case is different so you want a dedicated Morgantown, West Virginia criminal defense attorney that can pay special attention to your case.

Because no case is alike, our lawyers at Adams Legal Group, PLLC. and experienced and trained to detect what makes every case unique. Every unique case should have their carefully crafted defense. Our team of criminal defense attorneys from our Morgantown, WV office possess the necessary knowledge to be able spot certain factors that could help develop an argument that could negate the crime. Our lawyers can support you throughout your case so we can create a defense that is bullet proof.  

How we Can Help

A good lawyer knows how to multitask. The job of a lawyer is t be able to be fulfilled various roles. Here is what our criminal defense attorney from our Morgantown, WV office help you with:

  • Calling Witnesses and cross examining positions. One of the most important roles of a lawyer is to collect evidence. This involves dealing with witnesses and compel them to give testimony is a skill that lawyers must possess.
  • Getting investigators. One of our greatest assets at Adams Legal Group, PLLC. that we can count on expert investigators. Investigator can find evidence that can work in your favor and make the prosecutors case less believable.
  • Making a deal. Our lawyers can help you deal with the prosecutor to negotiate a Plea bargain or a deal. This can lead to the possibility to reduce or even eliminate the charges against you.
  • Guidance. Emotions run high during the process of going through a trial. It is common to feel embarrassed, nervous or depressed. Our attorneys at Adams Legal Group, PLLC. can provide counsel on how to deal with these emotions.
  • Sentencing program. In the case that your are found guilty, our attorneys can help you with working on a sentence where you spend less time in jail and time in a facility that can help you improve your rehabilitation.  
  • Navigate the legal system.  Different cities have local rules that must be followed. There are also ‘unwritten rules’ that pertain to different jurisdictions. Having an experienced criminal defense attorney who is based in the city of Morgantown, WV will save you time. They can help you navigate the maze of rules and regulations that are hard to find unless you are an experienced attorney. Our lawyers have the knowledge of local, state, federal and constitutional law.

Enlist the help of a Morgantown, WV criminal defense attorney. You will be relieved you did. Our team has many years of experience combined and have the resources to represent you. Contact our dedicated team of criminal defense attorneys from Adams Legal Group, PLLC. in Morgantown, WV today to schedule a consultation.


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