Loss of Limb Attorney

Loss of Limb Attorney
There are a number of ways that an individual can lose a limb like a finger, hand or arm in the blink of an eye in an accident.  There are many dangerous occupation and activities where a person can suffer the loss of a limb. Construction workers, butchers, tree surgeons, and of course motor vehicle accidents all are hazardous activities where we all should take extra care to be especially safe.

Home and Building Construction Work

A construction worker like a home builder uses power tools for many hours every day to cut wood to build houses. Circular saws can slice through wood like a hot knife through butter and it can do the same to a person’s fingers and hands. Construction business owners have a responsibility to provide a safe working environment and also a responsibility to supervise employees to make sure that they are operating power tools in a manner that is safe to themselves and others.

Butchers and Other Meat Processors in Grocery Stores and Markets

Every town it seems has multiple grocery stores and supermarkets and each one has a meat department that employs a number of butchers whose job is to use power saws and cleavers to cut, slice and chop meat. A butcher can become careless or distracted and it only takes one misplaced chop to lose a finger or two or a good part of your hand. As with construction site owners, supermarket managers have the same responsibility to provide butchers and other deli workers with a safe environment to perform their most dangerous of jobs.

Tree Surgeons and Landscapers

Tree removal services are another hazardous occupation where one could suffer the loss of a limb in an accident. Picture the tree expert climbing a tall tree in order to cut down the limbs from the top with a powerful, heavy, bulky chain saw. The chances are that a limb could crack and move the worker off balance and cause him to react and swing the chain saw cutting off foot or leg. As a homeowner it is always a good idea to hire a professional to take down large trees on your property, and an even better idea to consult with your homeowner’s insurance agent to make sure that you are covered should such an accident like the one above or others occur.

Motor Vehicle Wrecks

And finally, we are all subject to being a victim of a violent automobile wreck every day as we travel on the road or highway. When two automobiles or any two motor vehicles collide and a high rate of speed, the force can be so great that the metal sheets that make up a car often rip and tear into razor-sharp sheets that can slice off a limb or arm in literally a split second. People are often decapitated or can be sliced in half should the accident occur at a specific angle and with a specific force. The potential for loss of limbs occurring automobile wrecks should never be taken lightly and all motor vehicle safety precautions need to be followed to a tee.

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