Medical Malpractice: 3 Red Flags from a Medical Malpractice Attorney West Virginia Trusts

Medical Malpractice Attorney West VirginiaAn error made regarding your health, treatments, or surgery can have potentially disastrous or even life-threatening consequences. If you have a gut feeling that your doctor made a mistake that you are now suffering from, you can rely on a medical malpractice attorney at Adams Legal Group PLLC to help you hold this person responsible for their misjudgement. We have dedicated our lives to helping people who have endured a medical treatment gone wrong for many years. We understand how emotionally, physically and financially painful this may be for you and your family.

Below we have covered three red flags that can mean your medical practitioner may have been negligent at some point during your care. Whether you received an incorrect prescription, poor quality surgical procedure, or misdiagnosis, we can help you seek retribution for your pain and suffering.

#1 Admittance of Fault

If you hear a doctor or nurse either directly admit to you, or overhear that a mistake was made, you must talk to a medical malpractice attorney at Adams Legal Group PLLC right away. Do keep in mind that claims about a doctor or nurse verballing admitting fault can become a “he said, she said” scenario. But, it is still important to seek legal assistance to find out more about how you may be eligible for financial compensation from the party at fault.

#2 New Symptoms

New symptoms after a treatment, surgery, or other type of care was performed may be a sign that a medical mistake was made by your doctor or nurse. You may want to keep a journal to record the location and severity of your new symptoms for future reference. Keep any paperwork or receipts related to your new symptoms, as this documentation can be used to support your lawsuit. A medical malpractice attorney in Morgantown, WV can help answer any questions or concerns you have about gathering evidence and/or the legal process.

#3 Diagnosis Failure

One of the most common scenarios of a medical practice can include failing to diagnose the patient with the correct condition. Not correctly identifying a patient’s illness can cause major problems, especially if the treatment plan becomes harmful versus helpful. A competent doctor can diagnose a condition based on your symptoms, diagnostic findings, and other factors. It is possible your doctor did not run the appropriate diagnostics for your range of symptoms. An improper diagnosis can lead to new complications and a diminishing of health.

Please call us immediately to schedule a consultation with a medical malpractice attorney at Adams Legal Group PLLC.. You must respond quickly, as you may only have a certain period of time to act. By speaking with an Morgantown, WV medical malpractice attorney, we can help you decide if filing a lawsuit against the doctor or staff member at fault is the right choice for you. We suggest not going into this fight alone, as legalities can get complex, confusing and frustrating very quickly. Do not suffer without action any longer, let a medical malpractice attorney West Virginia relies on help you right away.