Morgantown coal mining lawyer

Morgantown coal mining lawyerIt’s no secret that Morgantown, WV has a rich history of coal mining, and is proud of those who have put their lives at risk to fuel the State’s and ultimately, Country’s economy. Unfortunately, though, miners are injured on the job all too often. When these accidents happen, it’s imperative that West Virginia miners get the compensation they deserve for things like medical expense, lost wages, and even pain and suffering that the injury — resulting from someone else’s negligence — has caused.

Moreover, if you or your family has lost a loved one as a result of any number of catastrophes that can occur in a mine – i.e. methane explosion, fire, exposure to toxic chemicals – you many be able to file a wrongful death claim, or play an important role in a class action lawsuit, as well.

No matter the circumstance, every worker deserves a just outcome and fair compensation for their suffering.

Typical Mine Accident Cases

While the coal mining industry maintains an foundational role in the the making of our country, it is also one of the most dangerous professions, marked by devastating accidents for over a century. As an experienced coal mining lawyer can explain, this inherent risk, does not negate a worker’s right to a safe working environment. If employers fail to provide this, it can lead to unnecessary injuries and death and they may be responsible for the just compensation of those affected by the accident.

Compensation is not always limited to those working in the mines. Nearby residents and landowners who are affected by any negligent or unreasonable pollution due to mines are also afforded certain protections under the law. Talk to a Morgantown coal mining attorney if you think this may apply to you and your family.

The Adams Legal Group, PLLC can provide counsel for various cases, such as:

  • explosions
  • chemical exposures
  • underground rail
  • longwall machines
  • continuous miners
  • roofbolters
  • shuttle cars
  • scoops
  • conveyors
  • Loaders

and miscellaneous other types of accidents leading to serious injuries and death. Countless miners have been injured by all of the above listed dangers, and if your injury was caused by the negligence of another, our team will be sure that they are held accountable. We’ll work tireless to be sure you and your family receive the compensation you deserve to mitigate expensive medical bills, lost wages, and help you get back on your feet.

Contact a trusted Morgantown Coal Attorney

The Adams Legal Group, PLLC is a devoted team of injury law professionals who have dedicated their lives to helping miners injured at the hands of a negligent party. We have gone to bat for miners just like you and helped them get the compensation they deserve. We understand how important the mining industry is and, therefore, how important it is to keep its workers safe and free of disastrous working conditions. Let our team help you hold the negligent party accountable. Contact our a Morgantown coal mining lawyer on our team today. They can provide the understanding legal counsel and representation needed when your family has been affected by a coal mining accident.

The first step to getting the compensation you deserve could be just a phone call away.