Morgantown WV Accident Lawyer

If you were injured or suffered the loss of a loved one in an accident, in Morgantown or throughout West Virginia, contact the experienced accident and personal injury trial attorneys at Adams Legal Group, PLLC to find out if you have a case. We offer free initial consultations on your case and in most personal injury, accident and wrongful death cases, we don’t charge a fee unless we recover for you.

We have handled all types of motor vehicle accidents, including:

      • two-car collisions
      • truck accidents, involving
      • one-car accidents
        • injuries to passengers, caused by negligent driver
        • no-fault claims against insurance (e.g. deer accidents)
        • claims against automobile manufacturers for defect
      • motorcycle accidents
      • accidents involving pedestrians hit by a vehicle
      • accidents involving cyclists hit by vehicles

West Virginia Accidents

In addition to vehicular accidents, we have also handled non-vehicle accidents including the following:

        • retail-store accidents
        • industrial accidents
        • construction-site accidents
        • coal-mine accidents

    including accidents causing severe traumatic injury, brain injury, loss of limbs or wrongful death, throughout the State of West Virginia. We have tried cases involving slip and fall accidents on sidewalks, parking lots, and inside of retail stores in Morgantown, Fairmont, Grafton, Kingwood, Clarksburg, Martinsburg and in various other locations throughout West Virginia. We have also handled wrongful death cases, and major injury cases resulting from industrial, construction and coal mine accidents, throughout WV.

WV Coal Mine and Industrial Accident Lawyers

Coal mine and industrial accidents are an unfortunate reality of working in a relatively hazardous and difficult physical work environment using heavy industrial equipment – we have handled numerous coal mine accident cases involving scoops, shuttle cars, roof bolting machines, long wall continuous miners, and all types of other slips, trips, falls, rock falls, and other mining-related injuries. Mining is a highly regulated industry, but it is also a very profit-driven industry. As a result, unfortunately sometimes bosses and foremen are driven either by profit or expectations from their supervisors to meet production (and profit) quotas, which can lead to bad decisions, violations of or disregard for applicable safety rules and regulations, which can lead to injury. Similarly, we have also handled cases involving major catastrophic industrial accidents, including gas explosions (e.g. January 2007 Ghent WV gas explosion which leveled a convenience store, injuring and killing multiple people), hydraulic car lifts, industrial chemicals and exposure, and construction accidents. If you were injured or suffered a loved one being killed in a mining accident in West Virginia, please call us today for a free consultation on your case.

Accidents involving bikers, cyclists & Runners

As an avid runner and cyclist, attorney William Adams also understands the hazards of sharing the road with motor vehicles faced by bikers, cyclists and runners. Unfortunately having to share the road with motor vehicles, particularly in this day and age where people are constantly distracted – on the phone, texting, or otherwise – too often results in injuries, to athletes and others exercising their rights to share the roads.

Our lawyers practicing in this area include:
William S. Adams - Attorney
William S. Adams - Attorney
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Brianna W. McCardle - Attorney
Brianna W. McCardle - Attorney
Phone : 304-381-2166

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