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Although our society has made great strides in aspects like equality and inclusion, employment discrimination is still prevalent. This is sad because many competent individuals who can add great value to companies and the economy are unemployed.

Cases of discrimination pertaining to race, age, religion, sex, disability, pregnancy, ethnic background, color, and national origin are quite common. Unfortunately, less overt forms of discrimination like unlawful termination, sexual harassment and racial slurs are even more common. Nevertheless, West Virginia law provides protection and rights to people who are victimized on and deprived of employment or workplace advancement opportunities due to any type of discrimination. And this is what we at Adams Legal Group, PLLC fight for.

Our WV employment discrimination attorney has been helping victims achieve justice since [Insert Year]. We have the complete and sound knowledge of the various West Virginia and US statutes that apply. Our knowledge in combination with our experience in this domain enables us to offer you quality guidance, caring counseling and fierce defense. We leverage on it to pursue even the most complex workplace discrimination claims effectively and successfully, thereby ensuring that you get your rights.

Remember that, by law employers can be held liable for deliberate employee discrimination and even for policies that have the effect of discriminating for example:

  • Policies related to dress code that inhibit the employee’s religious practices,
  • Unnecessary requirements to exclude women,
  • Recruitment related practices or ads that discourage certain social groups from submitting their applications, and
  • Unnecessary policies pertaining to the use of English only.

These are a few examples of indirect workplace discrimination communicated through office policies that can stop many potential employees from excelling professionally.

As workplace discrimination can take many forms, it’s important that you work with an experienced lawyer. Our WV employment discrimination attorney can investigate your case in-depth to determine the type and form of discrimination claims that you might be eligible for. Whether you have been denied a position at work or employment, or have suffered adverse workplace actions based on religion, gender, disability, national origin or any other type of characteristic that is legally protected, then we are here to help.    

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