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Product LiabilityThe term “product liability” is a legal term that applies to defective products, which cause harm to consumers as a result of such defect. The types of defects for which manufacturors, as the designers and makers of the product can be held liable include where the product is defective by virtue of a manufacturing defect (i.e. a defect in the actual manufacturing process of the item, a design defect, which renders the product unsafe for its intended use, or a failure to warn about a defect or use that should have been reasonably detected or anticipated, thus requiring the manufacturer to warn the consumers about the defect or use.

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If you have been injured or suffered the loss of a loved one, who was killed because of a defective product, or lack of proper warnings on the use of a product, you may have a claim against the manufacturer. Product liability claims may arise out of faulty manufacture, design, or failure to warn pertaining to household consumer goods, such as ladders, kitchen devices, cribs and toys, orpower tools, such as nail guns, saws, or outdoor yard equipment such as lawnmowers. Products liability can also often apply to medical devices, such as pacemakers and implants, and pharmaceuticals, such as many common medications, pills and patches. Products liability also frequently arises out of injuries from car accidents, where there is a vehicle rollover, an airbag injury, a failed seatbelt or child seat.

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