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West Virginia Delivery Truck Accident LawyerUnfortunately, WV commercial delivery truck accidents are far more common than you might think. If you or a loved one have been injured in West Virginia, because of the negligence of a commercial delivery truck (e.g. UPS, Fed Express, US Postal Service, etc.), call us today to consult with a competent and experienced personal injury/accident attorney regarding your case – (304) 381-2166.

Commercial Delivery Truck Accidents Are More Common Than You Think

When we think of truck accidents we automatically think of a huge 18-wheeler jack knifing on a major freeway and the mayhem of a multi-vehicle pile up. Many accidents that involve truck driver negligence however involve a different type of truck, a different type of street, and a much different type of motor vehicle truck accident. The type of truck most often involved in traffic accidents that injure and kill innocent victims are delivery trucks.

Delivery truck accidents don’t only occur on major interstate highways, but also frequently happen on city streets or suburban roads, and the injuries and deaths they cause often happen when they are moving slowly, moving in reverse or actually standing still. The injuries and deaths they cause are to automobile drivers and passengers, pedestrians and bicyclists.

Every day millions of packages are delivered to homes and office buildings by three major delivery companies. These companies are Federal Express, United Parcel Service UPS, and DHL. Federal Express alone operates over 86,000 class 3-6 trucks worldwide, designed for city and suburban deliveries. With the explosion in online shopping, demand for package delivery is at an all time high, and there are more delivery trucks on America’s roads than ever before.

WV Delivery Truck Accident
USPS Delivery Truck Running Off Road & Crashing Through Yard
WV USPS Delivery Truck Crash
USPS Delivery Truck Crashes Into Tree In Morgantown, WV

Delivery trucks come in various sizes from a standard, windowless oversized van to the larger and more familiar box delivery truck. Each type of truck presents a unique safety hazard because of both the lack of driver visibility and the common act of blocking traffic to make deliveries.

The number one slogan of the package delivery industry is “Time is Money.” Drivers of delivery trucks that work for major companies like those mentioned above are closely monitored by their employers and rewarded for their productivity. The quest for never-ending increases in productivity can cause traffic safety to be overlooked and all too frequently results in delivery truck accidents.

Delivery truck drivers are held to near-impossible schedules and they are required to do even better than that. Delivery trucks have been known to run red lights and stop signs, park or stand illegally, violate local speed limits, and to reverse without first looking.

For delivery companies, reckless driving and productivity go hand in hand and that often leads to traffic accidents where pedestrians and bicyclists are killed and injured.

Delivery truck vehicles are operating on most city streets and frequently stop quickly causing rear-end collisions and often pullout into traffic suddenly causing drivers to swerve to avoid them. It is not uncommon for school children on the way home from school, to run into oncoming traffic and get hit by a an oncoming car whose vision was blocked by a delivery truck.

Pedestrians and bicyclists are injured or killed every day when delivery trucks illegally park causing traffic to go around them and causing a blind spot for automobiles. Driver fatigue can also kick in late in the drivers shift causing the driver to drive just a bit faster and more carelessly to complete the day and get home on time or more quickly.

Why You Need An Experienced Commercial Delivery Truck Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been killed or injured in an accident involving a delivery truck we are here to help. Delivery truck companies are required by law to document their travels by keeping strict records and we need to gather those records and start to build a case. Call us today – (304) 381-2166. You can also start a conversation with us to find out how we can help you with a WV delivery truck accident claim by clicking the button below and filling out our easy web-contact form.