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WV Accident & Wrongful Death Lawyers

Helping You Is What We Do!


Get the best help with your West Virginia motor-vehicle accident claim from a top Morgantown WV accident lawyer focused on helping people with serious injuries.

Wrongful Death

Visit our wrongful death practice page to see how the top wrongful death attorneys in Morgantown West Virginia can get started helping you with your WV death claim.

Personal Injury

Our West Virginia personal injury lawyers help people with serious injury and wrongful death claims get through the legal process with the best settlements, awards and results.

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Personal Injury

We are your personal injury legal team and strive to be the best injury lawyers in Morgantown, WV. We are committed to providing you with the best possible representation & fighting to get you the best awards, in your WV accident and wrongful death claims!

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If you were seriously injured or suffered the loss of a loved one in an accident, in Morgantown or throughout West Virginia, contact the accident and wrongful death attorneys at Adams Legal Group, PLLC, who will fight for you.

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Family Law

We assist parties through their family-law cases with emphasis on legal matters pertaining to property division, divorce settlements, and custody battles.
Read More or if you are seeking an easier solution, visit our Simple Divorce & Custody page for easy, flat-fee options.

Criminal Law

If you have been arrested for a criminal offense, Do Not Represent Yourself. We can provide you with sensible advice and criminal defense representation at a very difficult time in your life.

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We Offer - In All Accident & Wrongful Death Claims

Flexible Appointments

We will work with your schedule to get your consultation with one of our attorneys, by phone, in person or by video, at a time that works for you!

Free Case Evaluation

In personal injury, accident and wrongful death cases, we will provide an initial evaluation of your case, to help you assess the strength and value.

Free Consultations

In all cases, we offer you as a potential client the opportunity to talk with one of our attorneys for free, before you decide if we are the best attorneys to help you!

Video Consultations

For your convenience, we offer consultations and ongoing meetings with the attorney and staff handling your case through video (MS Teams/Zoom)

Contact us today if you would like to find out how we can help you with your West Virginia legal matter – (304) 381-2166 or click the button below to complete our easy web contact form.

Why Choose Us

Honesty & Openness

We believe that the best attorney-client relationship begins with forthright communication. We will be honest and open with you about the strength and viability of your claim and potential outcomes at every step.


Our attorneys are experienced West Virginia personal-injury trial attorneys who regularly appear in courts throughout the State, representing accident and death victims in the most serious cases.

No Fees Up Front

In all of our personal injury cases, including truck, motorcycle and car accident cases, and wrongful death claims, you pay nothing until we obtain a recovery for you in your case.

Passion & Commitment

Our WV personal injury lawyers have a passion for helping victims of serious accidents and families of wrongful death victims and are committed to assisting you in these most difficult of times as we help you wade through the legal process.

Best Results

We have the courtroom experience to take your case all the way and the knowledge of the insurance company's and defense teams strategies to get you the best outcome in your serious injury or wrongful death case.

We Fight For You

In your accident, serious injury or wrongful death case, we will take the fight to the insurance companies and the big defendants and their big defense firms and attorneys, until we win the best settlement or award for you.

How It Works: Representation In Your WV Accident & Wrongful Death Claim

First Step - Let's Get To Know Each Other

  1. Contact Us – Click one of the buttons or links to call us or complete our easy contact form for us to contact you. One of our legal assistants will gather the basic information of your injury claim and schedule your free initial consultation at a time and in a manner that is convenient to you.
  2.  Your Free Initial Consultation – Talk to one of our attorneys about your case and desired outcomes. Many initial consultations are conducted over the phone; however, we also offer in-person meetings or video meetings through Zoom or Teams, according to your preference.
  3. Free Case Evaluation – In most personal injury, accident and wrongful death cases, we will provide a free initial claim assessment; where we go into a little more depth with you about the strength of your case, chances of prevailing, and even the potential value of your claim. These valuations are ever evolving, as your case progresses, and we will always keep you informed of developments in your case that may impact our chances of winning or the anticipated value of your case.

Second Step - Let Us Help You

  1. We Help You – As soon as you retain us to work with you, we get to work for you, to address your immediate needs and concerns and will do all of the following:
    • Confer regarding medical treatment – We are not medical “experts;” but, we can offer direction on the proper types of treatment and possible providers to help with your medical needs.
    • Investigate all circumstances – We will get to work right away to obtain all available information related to your claim and to prove the strongest claim for you to get the maximum recovery possible. This begins with talking to you and all other  witnesses to the accident or incidents.
    • Obtain all records – We gather crash reports in accident cases, medical and billing records from treatment,  ME reports in wrongful death cases, and wage loss documentation where relevant.
    • Answer all of your questions – It is our goal to help you through a tough and trying time and make the process of pursuing a legal claim for your injuries or death of a loved one and damages as painless and stress free as possible. Our job starts with ensuring that we always answer all of your questions. If we do not have an answer, we will work to find you the right answers and point you in the right direction.
  2. Handle Insurance Companies – We will contact the insurance companies involved in your claim, let them know that you have counsel related to the matter and direct that all future communications about your case be handled through your attorney, thus getting them off of your back.
  3. Handle Billing Inquiries – Unfortunately, in many injury and death cases, the wrongdoer’s insurance company does not always come forward from the outset to accept responsibility and help you pay for medical treatment. In many serious injury and death claims, you may face the sad reality of having to deal with inquiries from medical providers, funeral homes, and the like regarding outstanding bills. We can help communicate with these parties to try to prevent the billing matters from going to collections. Often times, we can even help you get continuing care, even if your financial circumstances render you unable to pay for such ongoing care.

Third Step - We Get You The Best Outcome & Recovery

  1. Pursue Your Claim – Once we gather all of the necessary documentation and proof to support your claim and conclude our initial investigation of the matter, we will assert a claim against the responsible parties and insurance companies and get to fighting for you to obtain the best results and maximum monetary compensation for your losses.
  2. Retain Experts – in many types of accident, injury and death cases, we may need medical experts or even accident reconstruction experts to prove our case. In truck and motorcycle accident cases, we often need liability experts to help with the more technical aspects of the case and ultimately explain them to a jury, if necessary.
  3. Get Results – We handle every case with the vigor and zeal necessary to maximize your recovery. In every case, that means thoroughly developing every aspect of your claim, proving the fault of the other parties and fully developing your claim for losses and damages. We develop every aspect of your injury or death claim with a mind to having to prove your case in front of a jury and being able to prove the best case possible. Many claims settle before ever going to trial in front of a jury; however, the best recovery can only be attained through tirelessly fighting for you, and being prepared to fight all the way to the end!


William S. Adams - WV Accident & Wrongful Death Attorney William Adams
William S. Adams - WV Accident & Wrongful Death Lawyer

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