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Diagnosis errors and misdiagnoses are common causes of medical malpractice in West Virginia. You expect your doctor to diagnose you correctly. While some medical issues are harder to diagnose than others, you expect your doctor to do a full and complete evaluation to understand what it is that’s causing you pain. 

What you don’t expect is your doctor to cause you more pain by misdiagnosing you or making some kind of error that results in greater harm, as well as, financial losses.

If you were injured because of a misdiagnosis error and you believe it was malpractice, you should call a medical malpractice attorney West Virginia provides to the community. For a free consultation with Adams Legal Group PLLC, please call our firm now, so we can answer your questions – (304) 381-2166.

Does A Misdiagnosis Error Constitute Medical Malpractice In West Virginia?

West Virginia recognizes that medical diagnosis errors can rise to the level of medical malpractice, where the doctor’s failure to properly diagnose and treat results in direct harm and injury to the patient. 

Misdiagnosis occurs when your doctor diagnoses you with a medical condition you don’t have. This can be deadly. If you’re given medication to treat an illness that you don’t have, it can cause serious and even deadly complications. By seeking the assistance of a trusted WV diagnosis errors medical malpractice attorney, you can make sure this wrong is made right.

What Should You Do If You Suspect A Medical Misdiagnosis Error Injury?

The first thing that you should do, when you suspect a possible misdiagnosis error and resulting injury is Keep Notes!

Even before you know you have a medical malpractice claim, you should keep meticulous notes. You should start taking these notes when you have that gut feeling that something just isn’t right. Whether that is because you are feeling worse or simply not feeling better, keep notes.

Your notes should include your pain, your remedies, and anyone you consult with about your injury and the misdiagnosis errors. Keeping notes will help you remember everything you’ve gone through and will help a West Virginia medical malpractice attorney to protect your rights during your lawsuit.

Keep Your Bills and Receipts

One of the damages that you’ll try to get compensation for is medical bills. In order to prove your medical bills, you need to keep your receipts.

Your medical bills may include:

  • Doctor visits
  • Prescriptions
  • Over the counter medicine

You should also keep any other bill that is related to the cost of your financial losses. For example, gas bills, hotel bills, babysitter bills, and so forth. Be sure to bring all of these to your consultation with a medical malpractice attorney West Virginia community members recommend.

Get a Medical Evaluation

This may sound counterintuitive since your injury was caused by a medical professional. But in order to give yourself the best chance possible of recovery, you need to see another doctor to give you a second opinion.

The doctor will evaluate you and come to a conclusion that will most likely be different than the first doctor. This doctor should be able to determine whether or not you were misdiagnosed by the first doctor. They may tell you to stop taking the other medication, for example, and get on a course of recovery using the treatment they prescribe.

Don’t delay in taking this step. Not only do you want to make sure you get better but you also want to make sure you are correctly diagnosed.

If you are ready to consult an experienced and competent West Virginia medical malpractice attorney for your misdiagnosis error or other medical negligence claim, please call us today for a free initial consultation on your case, so we can answer your questions and address your concerns – (304) 381-2166. If you prefer, you can click the button below to start a conversation with us by sending us a quick message.


3 WV Medical Malpractice Red Flags

An error made regarding your health, treatments, or surgery can have potentially disastrous or even life-threatening consequences. If you have a gut feeling that your doctor made a mistake that you are now suffering from, you can rely on a medical malpractice attorney at Adams Legal Group PLLC to help you hold this person responsible for their misjudgement. We have dedicated our lives to helping people who have endured a medical treatment gone wrong for many years. We understand how emotionally, physically and financially painful this may be for you and your family.

Below we have covered three red flags that can mean your medical practitioner may have been negligent at some point during your care. Whether you received an incorrect prescription, poor quality surgical procedure, or misdiagnosis, we can help you seek retribution for your pain and suffering.

#1 Admittance of Fault

If you hear a doctor or nurse either directly admit to you, or overhear that a mistake was made, you must talk to a medical malpractice attorney at Adams Legal Group PLLC right away. Do keep in mind that claims about a doctor or nurse verballing admitting fault can become a “he said, she said” scenario. But, it is still important to seek legal assistance to find out more about how you may be eligible for financial compensation from the party at fault.

#2 New Symptoms

New symptoms after a treatment, surgery, or other type of care was performed may be a sign that a medical mistake was made by your doctor or nurse. You may want to keep a journal to record the location and severity of your new symptoms for future reference. Keep any paperwork or receipts related to your new symptoms, as this documentation can be used to support your lawsuit. A medical malpractice attorney in Morgantown, WV can help answer any questions or concerns you have about gathering evidence and/or the legal process.

#3 Diagnosis Failure

One of the most common scenarios of a medical practice can include failing to diagnose the patient with the correct condition. Not correctly identifying a patient’s illness can cause major problems, especially if the treatment plan becomes harmful versus helpful. A competent doctor can diagnose a condition based on your symptoms, diagnostic findings, and other factors. It is possible your doctor did not run the appropriate diagnostics for your range of symptoms. An improper diagnosis can lead to new complications and a diminishing of health.

Was You Misdiagnosis Malpractice Injury Avoidable?

As a medical malpractice attorney West Virginia families turn to for the right legal advocacy, we, at Adams Legal Group PLLC,  would like to make sure you get the compensation you need to get better. When you’re misdiagnosed by a doctor, you might feel as if you’re going down a path that does nothing to help you get better. It’s only after you realize you’ve been misdiagnosed that you can start on your path to better health.

But that path can take time and it certainly takes money – money you shouldn’t have to pay out of pocket. You didn’t cause your misdiagnosis and you shouldn’t have to pay anything for the consequences. If you have a case, we can help you get the compensation you deserve to get better.

Please call us immediately to schedule a consultation with a medical malpractice attorney at Adams Legal Group PLLC.. You must respond quickly, as you may only have a certain period of time to act. By speaking with an Morgantown, WV medical malpractice attorney, we can help you decide if filing a lawsuit against the doctor or staff member at fault is the right choice for you. We suggest not going into this fight alone, as legalities can get complex, confusing and frustrating very quickly. Do not suffer without action any longer, let a medical malpractice attorney West Virginia relies on help you right away.

West Virginia Medical Malpractice Diagnosis Error Lawyer

If you have lost a family member or loved one because of the negligence, recklessness, deliberate or wrongful conduct of doctor that has resulted in medical malpractice, please call our experienced West Virginia licensed medical malpractice lawyers for a free consultation.

While the types of medical malpractice one can fall victim to are many and varied, one common type of medical error is a diagnosis error. There are two types of diagnosis errors, misdiagnosis, when a doctor gives a prognosis that a person has the wrong disease, and two, delayed diagnosis, diagnosing the disease correctly but not in a timely manner where treatment can yield effective results. 

Since time is of the essence in saving the patient’s life, failing to properly diagnose or delaying the diagnosis can lead to personal injury, unnecessary suffering and often death. If a doctor in whom you have placed your trust has misdiagnosed or failed to diagnose a disease that you have found to have had for a period of time, you need to call our law firm to see if you have West Virginia medical malpractice case.

Many cases of misdiagnosis are a direct result of doctors misreading test results. Not only does the appropriate tests have to be conducted, but also those test results must to be properly read and evaluated. Examples of tests that are conducted on patients are MRI’s, mammograms, and x-rays. As theses tests become increasingly sophisticated, the margin of error decreases as well. More and more doctors are simply misreading test results and failing to properly diagnose the patient’s disease.

Cancer of various types is a major killer of people in West Virginia every year. One of the most frequent and deadly misdiagnosis errors is in cancer patients. Preventing diagnosis errors in cancer patients is especially important as early detection is critical in the treatment of common cancers such as melanoma, breast, colon, and lung cancer. Getting it right the first time can double one’s chances of beating the disease and getting back to a normal, productive life. Getting it wrong jeopardizes the patient’s life.

How To Determine If You Have A WV Diagnosis Error Malpractice Claim

If you or a loved one have had a disease like cancer misdiagnosed, or if the diagnosis has been delayed due to the negligence of a doctor, hospital or their staff, call the top West Virginia medical malpractice lawyers at Adams Legal Group PLLC today for a free consultation – (304) 381-2166.

We are here to discuss your legal rights and chances of recovery for your pain and suffering and the loss of your loved one. If you would like to start a conversation with us by sending us a message, just click the button below….