Hospital Errors Lawyer Morgantown WV

Hospital Errors Lawyer Morgantown WV

Over the years, a growing number of hospitals in and across West Virginia have merged to create huge corporate conglomerates. This approach has sadly compromised the healthcare system, which was once patient-focused, and made it into one focused on profits.

As the approach has shifted from delivering the best care to patients with compassion to making more money at their expense, the skyrocketing figures related to hospital errors is no surprise. Did you know that hospital errors are the 3rd leading cause of death in the US? And according to a study conducted by Mayo Clinic, 8.9 percent of the surgeons participating in the study reported that they have made hospital errors within the last three months and 1.5 percent believed that their errors led to patient deaths.

The medical professionals may have lost their focus, but we at Adams Legal Group PLLC haven’t. We continue to fight for the rights of victims of hospital errors in Morgantown WV. Give us the opportunity to serve you if you have been victimized due to medical malpractice.

At Adams Legal Group PLLC, we accept challenging medical malpractice and hospital errors claims. The power of our experience in combination with knowledge and unwavering conviction helps us get justice for victims of hospital errors.

By law of West Virginia, under respondeat superior the legal doctrine, employers can be held liable for the workers acts (within the scope of employment). In other words, respondeat superior allows victims to pursue a medical malpractice claim against the clinic or hospital if their staff causes injury.  

Here are some of the hospital errors for which you, the victim, can pursue a medical malpractice claim in West Virginia:

  • HAIs

HAIs stands for hospital acquired infections. These are antibiotic resistant diseases that spread fast from patient to patient and are hard to treat. These can be transmitted by medical staff like nurses who fail to properly clean their hands and sterilize medical equipment before using them.

  • Nursing Errors

As nurses are said to be on the healthcare frontlines, they spend their maximum time with patients providing them with quality care. However, when wards are understaffed, nurses can get overworked thereby increasing the risk of making mistakes and medical errors like wrong diagnosis, or medication.

  • Surgical Mistakes

Sometimes surgical procedures can go wrong due to doctors’ negligence. This is where the hospital can be held liable for doctor’s medical error.

  • Birth Injuries

Birth injuries are also common hospital errors. Mothers and newborns often get injured due to negligent use of forceps & vacuum aspirators, labor & delivery negligence and pre-natal negligence.

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