Workplace Injuries Lawyer Morgantown WV

Workplace Injuries Lawyer Morgantown WV

It’s sad but true that despite the increasing list of mandates presented by the US Department of Labor and OSHA, which strictly pertains to labor safety and equipment use, employees in West Virginia and across the US continue to experience crippling injuries and sometimes even death in work-related accidents. Did you know that fatal occupational injuries in West Virginia rose from 35 in 2015 to 47 in 2016?   

Although workplace injuries show no signs of slowing down, we at Adams Legal Group PLLC work with full dedication, compassion and commitment to make sure that those who have been injured at work or the families of those who were killed on the job get the compensation that they deserve.

Simply stated, we are a Morgantown law firm focused on helping victims of workplace injuries get the compensation they are entitled to. So, if you or your loved one has been injured at work, contact our workplace injuries attorney right away.  

Our workplace injuries attorney can provide you with excellent legal services and quality case guidance that you need to obtain compensation for injuries incurred. With our attorney representing your case, you can recover the financial losses that you have incurred due to your workplace injury in the form of medical bills, and missed work days.

Many people assume that the only course of action for workplace injury is to file a worker’s compensation claim. What they don’t know is that there are several other options other than the primary source of benefits—the worker’s compensation. These may include:

At Adams Legal PLLC, our experience and strong understanding of the law enables us to take the best recovery actions according to the case and injury incurred. We have experience in helping clients with different type of workplace injuries such as:

Case Evaluation and Consultation  

Give us the opportunity to help you. Our workplace injuries attorney can examine your case carefully, and pursue it with the best course of action ensuring that all negligent parties along with the direct employer are held responsible for what they did or failed to do; and get you full & fair compensation.

Please call us on local phone (304) 381-2166 or toll free (855) 822-0140 to schedule an initial consultation and case evaluation.

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Our lawyers practicing in this area include:

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