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One of the most beautiful experiences for a couple is to have a baby together. The joy, excitement and happiness at a child’s birth are indescribable. However, all this can transform into sadness in the blink of an eye due to the negligence or a mistake of a medical professional involved in the delivery process of the baby. Medical errors can result in serious birth injuries, a lifetime disability, or even death of the baby or mother.

By law, it is the duty of a medical professional (nurse or doctor) to make sure that they provide medical treatments in conformance with approved medical protocols. Though success is not always guaranteed, if medical professionals deviate from the approved protocols, and make an error in action or judgment, then they should be held accountable for their negligent conduct.

If you or your newborn has suffered from an injury due to the negligence or mistake of a medical professional, then get in touch with our West Virginia birth injury Lawyer at Adams Legal Group, PLLC to seek medical malpractice claim.

Types of Birth Injuries Due to Malpractice and Negligence

A newborn or the mother can get injured in many ways due to the negligence of a medical professional.  Common causes and types of birth injuries include:

Negligent Pre-Natal Care

Some birth injuries are due to pre-natal negligence which is misdiagnosing and mistreatment of the mother, for example, a failure to screen for maternal hypertension, diabetes, or HIV.

Labor & Delivery Negligence

Labor as well as delivery needs to be monitored closely for fetal heartbeat so that any signs of fetal distress can be detected timely. Failure to detect irregular or sudden changes of the fetal heart activity and maternal contractions can lead to fetal brain damage or hypoxia. The lack of oxygen can result in irreversible brain damage which can further lead to permanent disability and need for continual care.  It can also cause cerebral palsy which can further lead to developmental problems thereby causing motor skill deficiencies

Negligent Use of Forceps and Vacuum Aspirators

Forceps and vacuum aspirators are used often to pull the baby when the mother can’t push. If these devices are not used properly, they can injure the mother causing uterine perforation. And can also hurt the fetus leading to injuries like skull fracture, brachial plexus nerve trauma and brain damage.

While some injuries are visible on the spot, other injuries like brain damage and brachial plexus nerve trauma may not be apparent right away. Therefore, under West Virginia law, the injured party can initiate medical malpractice litigation within 2 years of the negligent act.

If the injury to you or your baby is apparent and caused by the negligence of the medical professional, then prompt action is critical to protect your rights. Allow our est Virginia birth injury lawyer to pursue your case. We will secure the medical records of your hospital birth procedure and pre-natal records from your doctor before anyone makes changes to them. These records are helpful in case investigation, and successful legal representation of victim.

We will pursue your case aggressively to ensure the best protection of your interests and your child’s whether through negotiation or in the court.

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