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Brain InjuryIf you or a loved one has suffered a TBI (“traumatic brain injury”), in West Virginia, because of the negligence or deliberately wrongful conduct of another, it is important that you contact a competent brain injury lawyer who is versed in the mechanisms of and treatments for TBIs and in the legal handling of brain injury cases. Please call us today for a free consultation on your traumatic brain injury case – (304) 381-2166.

It is important to recognize that not all brain injuries are the same and the type, severity and mechanism of the injury may likely determine the treatment, recovery and ultimately the outcome.

Types of Brain Injuries

Each of the following is a distinct type of brain injury:

  • concussion
  • contusion
  • diffuse axonal brain injury
  • recurrent traumatic brain injury (as with repetitive sports-related head injuries)
  • penetrating brain injury
  • skull fracture & open head injuries
  • “shaken baby syndrome”
  • anoxic and/or hypoxic brain injuries

Common Causes of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Generally speaking, a “traumatic brain injury” is an injury to the brain, by virtue of some sudden and forceful external trauma to the head and brain. Traumatic brain injuries can result from any of the following common causes:

  • falls
  • motor vehicle accidents
  • bicycle and motorcycle accidents
  • accidental blunt trauma (e.g. knocking your head into something or being accidentally stricken with/by an object)
  • deliberate blunt-force trauma (e.g. assault with a bat or other blunt object)
  • accidental penetrating trauma (e.g. accidental discharge of a nail gun)
  • deliberate penetrating trauma (e.g. assault with a knife or gun)
  • repetitive concussive/head-injury syndrome

Traumatic brain injuries can occur as a result of playing sports, riding in cars or on bikes, or simply by working around the house. Brain injuries can be extremely debilitating and in some cases can cause death. There are three basic ways everyday traumatic brain injuries happen… by getting punched or kicked in the head, falling and hitting your head, or by colliding with another person head on.

Contact sports are known for their propensity for head injury. Three of the most common are football, boxing, and professional mixed martial arts. These brain injuries are the result of severe blows or jolts to the head causing the brain to move back and forth in the skull causing multiple areas of damage. While there is no skull fracture or penetration, the long-term results of repeated blows to the head, no matter what type of helmet or padding is used, can be “cumulative” and cause permanent memory loss, diminished cognitive functions, slurred speech and reduced motor skills.

Accidents Are A Common Cause of Traumatic Brain Injuries

The occurrences of traumatic brain injuries are not limited to those who participate in sports. Many unforeseen accidents happen in and around the home and workplace and head and brain injuries can result. A person can slip in the shower and hit their head on the faucet or soap dish, fall out of bed and strike the sharp edge of the night table, fall down steps by tripping and falling on loose or worn carpeting or broken or loose handrails, and for the more adventurous homeowner, falling off of a ladder while cleaning the gutters of fall leaves or falling off of your home’s roof while checking for leaks or loose shingles. These types of falls can cause fractured skulls, brain bruising and brain bleeding. The results of these injuries can be the same as for contact sports related injuries with the addition of the potential for death from falling from a great height.

Another common way people get brain injuries is from the result of a vehicle accident while riding a bicycle, a motorcycle or riding in a car. Unlike sports-related brain trauma that build up over time, vehicle accident head injuries are usually violent and can be immediately fatal. While it is not practical to suggest that you put on a helmet when you walk on the side of a busy highway, or wear a helmet while driving your car to the supermarket, there are times when wearing a helmet can save you from getting a concussion or a fractured skull, or even worse… from dying as a result of a blow to the head. While falling and hitting your head can occur during any vehicle activity, you are most likely to sustain a traumatic brain injury if you fall off your bicycle and are not wearing a helmet.

The City of New York conducted a 10-year study, (196-2005) to analyze the causes bicycle deaths in their town. The findings present a compelling case for wearing a helmet when you ride a bike. ABout 74% of all fatal bicycle accidents involve a serious head injury, and nearly all bicycle accidents occur as a result of a bicycle getting hit by a car (95%). Most bicyclists that were killed (97%) were not wearing a helmet. Most interesting to note is that 90% of all fatal bicycle accidents involving a motor vehicle striking a bicyclist occur at intersections. Only 1% of deaths that involved a motor vehicle striking a bicycle, occurred when the bicycle is riding along in the bike lane.

Traumatic Brain Injury Attorneys In West Virginia

If you have been injured and sustained a personal injury including but not limited to traumatic brain injuries, in West Virginia, it is important that you consult with a competent TBI attorney who understands the implications of your injuries, treatment, recovery and prognoses. If you may have been the victim of negligence of another party and have suffered a brain injury, please call our law firm today for a complimentary and confidential case review. We can help you recover for medical expenses, lost income and pain and suffering, as well as assess and seek recovery for any future treatments, injuries and limitations that you may unfortunately suffer as a result of a brain injury. We can come and see you if you are incapacitated and cannot come to see us. Please call us today – (304) 381-2166.

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