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Top WV Personal Injury Attorney

The Morgantown WV personal injury attorneys at Adams Legal Group, PLLC pride ourselves on helping injury victims work through the troubling times that they face following serious personal injuries, throughout the State of West Virginia. Our injury lawyers are located in our Morgantown, WV office and are regarded as some of the top PI attorneys in the State of West Virginia. We are highly experienced and prepared to aggressively handle your serious injury case oSerious_injury_attorney_WVr wrongful death claim, to conclusion. 

We handle major injury and wrongful death cases throughout all of West Virginia. We offer a free initial evaluation of your claim and in most personal injury, accident, medical malpractice and wrongful death cases, we do not charge any fee, unless we recover on your behalf, with our no-fee-up-front, contingent fee representation.

Call us today to discuss our personal injury contingent fees (i.e. no-fee-up-front legal representation) and find out how we can help you obtain the best recovery possible in your case – (304) 381-2166. You may also click the button below to complete our easy web-contact form, or you can check out some of our most frequently asked questions for more information.

West Virginia Personal Injury law Claims

Our highly skilled personal injury, accident and wrongful death attorneys have helped hundreds of West Virginians work through the post-injury difficulties that they encounter. We have the experience and the compassion to not only competently and effectively move your case forward, but to help you move your life forward as well! 

We are extremely well versed in all of the applicable West Virginia law and intimately familiar with the inside of a court room, for when the fight needs to be pressed all the way to trial. We will passionately fight for you, present your case, and work diligently to obtain the best outcome for you possible.

Where Do We Handle Personal Injury Cases In West Virginia?

We handle serious personal injury cases – those with significant permanent and life-altering injuries and those resulting in the death of a loved one throughout the entire State of West Virginia. If you or a loved one were seriously injured or killed by another’s wrongdoing, let’s face it, you do not need a “personal injury lawyer ‘near me;'” rather, you need the best, most compassionate, and hardest fighting injury and death attorneys in the State of West Virginia on your side, no matter the distance. 

While our office is located in Morgantown, WV, we have traveled to handle serious injury and death cases as far as Bluefield/Princeton area (Mercer County), Beckley (Raleigh County), Charleston (Kanawha County), Huntington (Cabell County), Parkersburg (Wood County), and Martinsburg/Charles Town in the Eastern panhandle of the state (Berkeley & Jefferson Counties, respectively). 

We also more routinely handle major personal injury cases and frequently appear in Courts in the North-Central parts of West Virginia,  including the following areas:

  • Morgantown, Monongalia County
  • Kingwood, Preston County
  • Grafton, Taylor County
  • Fairmont, Marion County
  • Clarksburg/Bridgeport, Harrison County
  • Philippi, Barbour County
  • Weston, Lewis County
  • Buckhannon, Upshur County
  • Elkins, Randolph County
  • Keyser, Mineral County
  • Romney, Hampshire County
  • Glenville, Gilmer County
  • Moorefield, Hardy County
  • Petersburg, Grant County
  • West Union, Doddridge County
  • Parsons, Tucker County
  • New Martinsville, Wetzel County

As noted above, this is not an exclusive list of where we practice or handle injury claims, but just where we regularly travel for the handling of cases. Every case is significant to the victim and the loved ones who are suffering through the aftermath of the wrongful injury. 

Regardless of the distance, we treat every client with the same level of attention, focus and compassion. We take the same fight to the insurance companies and defendants in every case to get the best results for our clients. 

Call us today for a free consultation and case evaluation, to see how we can fight for you – CALL US NOW – (304) 381-2166 or click on the button (below) to initiate contact with us through our easy contact form.

What is a “Personal Injury”?

The term “personal injury” is quite simply defined as personal harm, injury or death and related damages to a person, whether the harm or injury is physical, mental, emotional and/or economical and in the context of a lawsuit seeking recovery, requires wrongdoing or negligence of another, in order to seek a claim for recovery of monetary damages.

What Types of WV Personal Injury Claims Do We Handle?

Our highly experienced WV personal injury attorneys at Adams Legal Group, PLLC handle personal-injury cases throughout the State of West Virginia involving all types of injuries, including the following:

Our Morgantown, WV personal injury attorneys handle major, serious and catastrophic injury claims throughout the entire State; whereas more minor injury claims we only handle more locally to our Morgantown  primary office location, in the North-Central parts of West Virginia (including Monongalia, Marion, Preston, Taylor, Barbour, Harrison, and Lewis counties).  

What Is The Difference Between A “Minor Personal Injury” And One That Is “Major,” “Serious,” or “Catastrophic”?

The difference in a minor injury and one that is considered to be major, serious or catastrophic can be determined by considering things like the duration of pain, disability and recovery time in the context of the severity of the personal injury.

Minor injuries are usually defined as injuries that are not life-threatening and do not require prolonged treatment or recovery. They may cause pain but they do not stop someone from doing their usual activities. Minor injuries may also include things like bruises, cuts or broken bones.

A major or serious personal injury is an injury that causes significant pain and discomfort for a long period of time and/or required prolonged medical treatment. A serious injury can also be an injury that causes significant pain and discomfort for a short period of time but ends up with permanent damage or disability.

A “catastrophic injury” is one that causes a catastrophic disruption in your day-to-day life, and often is characterized by an inability to return to work or other normal activities of daily living. Significant broken bones, paralysis, brain damage, spinal cord injuries, loss of limb, toxic exposures, neurological injuries, or other injuries that impact on your ability to provide for your routine and basic needs may fall under the category of a catastrophic injury.

Types of Personal-Injury Incidents

We handle Personal Injury Claims in Morgantown and throughout WV caused by the following types of incidents:

What Types of Personal Injury Damages Are You Entitled To?

If you have been injured or suffered the loss of a loved one as a result of another’s wrongful conduct (i.e. negligence, recklessness, deliberate, or intentional conduct), then you may be entitled to recovery of damages in court, by bringing a personal injury or wrongful death tort action against that other person to recover for your injury, damages and losses. 

Typically, personal injury damages may include one or more of the following:

  • monetary losses
    • property damages
    • medical expenses
    • travel expenses
    • other incidental expenses
    • lost wages and benefits
    • diminished earnings or earning capacity
  • mental anguish
    • emotional distress
    • fright
    • anxiety
    • grief
    • severe disappointment
    • despair
  • physical pain and suffering
  • loss of capacity to enjoy life
  • loss of consortium
    • care
    • companionship
    • guidance
    • comfort
    • advice
    • society
    • sexual relations(spousal consortium)
    • services
  • future medical expenses
  • future lost wages
  • future pain, suffering, mental anguish, loss of consortium
  • attorney fees (in limited cases – typically where allowed by statute or contract)
  • pre- and post-judgment interests

We are Experienced WV Personal Injury Lawyers

The attorneys at Adams Legal Group, PLLC in Morgantown, WV have substantial experience handling all types of personal injury, accident and wrongful death claims. Attorney William S. Adams

Best Morgantown WV Personal Injury Lawyer
William S. Adams, Morgantown, WV Personal Injury Lawyer

has extensive experience handling hundreds of tort litigation matters, involving a multitude of personal injuries.

Prior to forming Adams Legal Group, PLLC, Mr. Adams primarily worked for and was retained by insurance companies to defend their insured customers–individuals and corporations–when they were sued for personal injuries.

The lawyers in our Morgantown WV office have handled hundreds of personal injury cases. Additionally, Mr. Adams’ has extensive experience evaluating injury claims from his time employed as a clerk at the Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia, where he reviewed and recommended decisions on hundreds of workers compensation injury cases, wherein detailed understanding of the injuries and analysis of medical records was required. 

As a result, we have the knowledge and understanding of the mechanisms of injury, medical treatment for and residual effects of all manners of injuries and the trial experience to handle and bring your personal injury claim to a jury, if necessary, and otherwise obtain the best resolution for you.

We have experience handling and understanding of the complexities of all manners and mechanisms of injury. Please contact us for a free consultation on your personal injury or wrongful death claim in West Virginia – (304) 381-2166.

If you were harmed or lost a loved one as a result of another’s negligent, reckless or intentional conduct and want to know your rights and the courses of action available to you, please contact the personal injury lawyers in our Morgantown, WV office today for a free evaluation of your claim and to discuss the potential for recovery of monetary damages in your case – Call us at (304) 381-2166 or click the button below to start the conversation with us.

Personal Injury - Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Need An Experienced WV Personal Injury Attorney To Review Your Claim?

In deciding whether you have a cause of action for an injury or death of a loved one that you suffered as a result of another’s wrongful conduct, it is important that a competent personal injury attorney assess the degree and nature of fault in the other party’s wrongful conduct, which caused the injury. If the incident or accident that resulted in your personal injuries occurred in West Virginia, then you need an experienced West Virginia personal injury lawyer to help you pursue a claim for damages and losses resulting from your injuries.

It is also important to have a lawyer evaluate any potential fault that the other party might attribute to you, and then carefully weigh all of the factors that caused or contributed to your injury or loss of a loved one. A competent attorney should be relied upon to also evaluate the injury and damages themselves, and carefully weigh all of these and a multitude of case-specific factors, which ultimately impact on whether and how much money you may recover for your injury.

At Adams Legal Group, PLLC, our top Morgantown WV personal injury attorneys have handled hundreds of personal injury cases, involving all mechanisms of injury and all types of incidents throughout the State of West Virginia. We have also extensive experience in previously working on the side of the insurance company and their insureds, the Defendants/alleged wrongdoers.

This experience gives us keen insight into how the defendants and insurance companies may view, evaluate and defend your case and accordingly gives us a strategic advantage in handling, negotiating and/or bringing your case to resolution through settlement or trial.

What Are The General Types Of Damages That Result From A Personal Injury?

  • First, you have the pain and trauma from the injury itself.
  • Second, you have the cost of recovery. It takes time and money to recover from a personal injury. You may be missing work, and you may not have access to the medical care you need in order to fully recover.
  • Third, you have bills to pay. Not only do you have medical bills resulting from the incident, but you may also have the strain of missed work, or of having to rely on friends and family to help you take care of your daily tasks.
  • Fourth, you may be feeling stress from dealing with a representative of an insurance company or a defense attorney while you fight for the compensation that you deserve. These folks do not have your best interest at heart, and they are prepared to take advantage of your situation to negotiate a lower payment for your injury.

Do I Have To File A Lawsuit After A Personal Injury In West Virginia?

No, in most cases the claim can be settled without having to go through the process of filing a lawsuit. At Adams Legal Group, PLLC, a personal injury attorney West Virginia relies on can provide the legal guidance needed for filing a claim and help during the mediation process and gain the right amount of compensation. In some situations, a lawsuit may be necessary in order to receive the full amount of compensation that you deserve. Having a skilled personal injury attorney in West Virginia on your side can help you make those decisions and get the money you deserve for your injuries.

What Is Mediation In My WV Personal Injury Case?

A mediation settlement is a conference taken place before the trial, using a neutral third-party “mediator” who tries to facilitate a settlement between the opposing parties. It allows both sides and their lawyers to appear before a mediator. The mediator is there to hear both sides of the argument and help to resolve the problem, by coming to a settlement that both parties agree upon. During this process your West Virginia personal injury attorney can help protect your rights. If a settlement is not agreed upon, the case will then proceed to a trial.

What If An Insurance Company Offers Me A Settlement?

Insurance companies may approach you with an amount of money they are willing to offer for your injuries. This compensation may seem quick and easy, but it’s only because they are not offering the full amount of what your case is worth. Insurance companies do not have your best interest in mind and will try to have you sign a quick settlement before involving lawyers. Before signing anything the insurance company offers, consider contacting us at The Adams Legal Group, PLLC for a free consultation – (304) 381-2166.

How Should You Negotiate And Deal With The Insurance Company?

If you have suffered a personal injury and are discussing your claim and the money amount of compensation to which you are entitled with an insurance company, remember that no matter how nice the insurance company representative is on the phone or whether they represent the insurance company for the other party or you—their job is to pay you as little as possible on your claim. 

Don’t let them dictate how little your claim is worth – contact us today for a free consultation and get a fair evaluation of how much what your claim is worth.

How Long Should I Expect My WV Personal Injury Case Take To Be Resolved?

Each case is different and therefore the time frame it may take to resolve the case could vary greatly. It may depend on the type of personal injury case you have, the area, and the details of the case. Generally speaking, more involved and complicated cases take longer to investigate, discern and prove all of the relevant facts and thus take longer to be resolved; while simpler cases with straightforward answers as to fault as well as simple, fixed injuries resolve much sooner.

This last statement brings into focus the impact that the type of injury may have on the time it takes to resolve a personal injury case. More serious injuries typically take longer to resolve or they never resolve and thus the impacts are more far reaching and require much greater investigation to ensure that you receive proper treatment, accommodations and ultimately fair compensation through a settlement or award.

In order to obtain a better assessment and evaluation of your WV personal injury claim and the length of time that it may likely take to resolve, you should consider contacting our top Morgantown WV personal injury attorneys about the specifics of your case today!

How Long Do I Have To File My Personal Injury Claim In WV?

In order to recover damages, you must file your personal injury claim by the deadline that has been set by the state in which the accident occurred. This deadline is encoded in the law and is known as the statute of limitations. The statute of limitations in West Virginia for filing most claims for personal injury is two years following the incident or accident that gave rise to your injuries and damages. 

If you are in a State other than WV, note that this deadline varies by state and type of action, but is often two years. If a government entity was involved, the deadline to file will be less. Because a trusted West Virginia personal injury attorney from Adams Legal Group PLLC will need time to investigate your case and build a strong defense, you should not delay.

Who Is Liable If You Sustained a Personal Injury On Private Property In West Virginia?

Things become complicated quickly if you sustained a personal injury on someone else’s private property because laws usually label it as either commercial property or residential property. However, whether a property is for residential or commercial use, the property owner may still be liable for your injuries.

To determine how to properly approach your personal injury claim, contact a personal injury attorney in West Virginia from Adams Legal Group PLLC who can help you with your case.

Approaching a personal injury claim with no legal background, especially when it is on someone else’s private property, is not always straightforward. When you speak with a West Virginia personal injury attorney from our firm, you can rest assured that you have an advocate on your case who will work hard to get you the compensation you deserve after your injury.

What Factors Impact Homeowner’s Or Premises Liability In West Virginia?

When considering a homeowner’s or premises liability, a West Virginia personal injury attorney typically look at three things: was the injured person a licensee, an invitee, or a trespasser? Depending on how the homeowner classifies you, they technically have a different responsibility for you.

  • Licensee. A homeowner owes a licensee the duty of warning them that there may be hazardous conditions somewhere on the property (this could be a water leak or a broken handrail on a staircase. Once the homeowner has fulfilled their obligation of warning the licensee, they typically do not have to take any other measures of protection.
  • Invitee. An invitee is someone the homeowner invites into their home and they typically receive a special level of protection in terms of dangerous household situations. The homeowners should ensure that they protect their guests and they take care of them.
  • Trespasser. While a homeowner should never intentionally harm someone on their property, they have no legal obligation to protect someone who is trespassing on their property. If the trespasser surprises a homeowner, the homeowner does not have a chance to warn them of the dangers. However, if there is an anticipated trespasser, the homeowner should warn them of anything that may be a hazard.

Are WV Business Owner’s Liable For Injuries On Their Business Premises?

As a personal injury attorney in West Virginia can explain, the law requires business owners to maintain their property and ensure that it is reasonably safe for visitors to navigate through. In fact, business owners should have regular property inspections to show that either the business owner, a staff member, or a non-biased third-party has seen the property and evaluated it as free from hazards. Common hazards that business owners should take care of are:

  • Ensuring all lighting works
  • Checking pavement and parking lots for uneven, damaged surfaces
  • Employing anti-slip devices like doormats or floor grates to help with the accumulation of water
  • Maintaining all areas (inside & out) safe for visitors
  • Employing hazard and warning signs where appropriate
  • Taking reasonable precautions against known hazards and risks to visitors

What Additional West Virginia Personal Injury Questions Can We Help You With?

If you have additional questions specific to your West Virginia personal injury claim and how we can help you obtain the best outcome, settlement or award, please do not hesitate to contact us by calling (304) 381-2166 or complete our easy web contact form (button below) to message us.