Do It (Mostly) Yourself with Limited Representation in Your WV Divorce or Custody Action

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You CAN do your WV divorce/custody action yourself – with help from one of our experienced West Virginia Family Law attorneys in a limited representation agreement for a simple flat fee.

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Limited Representation – Easy WV Divorce & Custody

Filing for divorce or responding to a divorce action can be a confusing process – let that be the case no more, as our limited representation makes getting a divorce in WV simple. The process can be particularly confounding where children and custody issues are involved. There are forms to complete, papers to gather, and documents to notarize and file with the Court. If you aren’t familiar with the process or have never been involved with a legal action, it can be daunting.

If you are just looking for help in filing your action or responding to an action that has been filed, but don’t necessarily want full representation, you can get assistance from one of our WV family lawyers on a limited basis to help you through the process. At Adams Legal Group, our family law attorneys have vast experience with the process of litigating cases through the West Virginia Family Courts to final disposition, and we can help you through the process as well with one of our flat-fee limited representation arrangements.

What Is Limited Representation?

In a limited representation arrangements for WV family court matters, the attorney assists an individual with the completion of necessary documents, but the attorney does not appear as the individual’s attorney in the case. Basically, the attorney works in the background with the individual to help them complete documents and to help the person handle their divorce and/or custody matter on their own, with the benefit of having the assistance of an attorney. The attorney can help the individual prepare for settlement conferences, mediations, or hearings, but the attorney does not interact with other parties in the action and does not appear on behalf of the individual at the settlement conference, mediation, or any hearings in the matter. The attorney’s job is to assist the individual in representing themselves in the proceeding as a pro se (i.e., appearing on their own in court without an attorney) party.

Who Should Consider Limited Representation?

Anyone who just wants help from an attorney with preparing necessary documentation, responding to pleadings, and preparing for settlement conferences, mediations, or final hearings and wants to handle their divorce and/or custody primarily on their own with the added assistance of an attorney should consider limited representation. If you want to represent yourself, but just need some help from an attorney to help you, limited representation may be right for you. We help make the divorce or custody process in West Virginia family law cases easy and streamlined for you, without all of the hassle and costs of typical full representation.  

Also, keeping the attorney in the background, helps keep down the costs and acrimony. When parties get full representation from lawyers in family law cases, this often times serves to enflame the passions and ratchet up the conflict and ultimately the costs!

What Are The Benefits Of Limited Representation?

  • Limited representation is less costly than traditional representation. For people who just need some help in going through the divorce and/or custody process and want to make sure that they are handling the case properly, limited representation provides for the assistance of an attorney at a reduced cost. Divorce and custody actions do not have to be costly-particularly if you handle the case mostly on your own with the assistance of an attorney under a limited representation agreement.
  • Limited representation in family-court matters helps simplify the litigation process. By removing lawyers from the front-end of the litigation process, you automatically are taking a less confrontational approach to the matter. You are also not requiring the attorney to hold your hand every step of the way, when/if you do not need that, which reduced attorney time and fees.
  • Limited representation makes for an easy divorce or custody case. Having lawyers to consult with and assist you with the preparation of all of the documents necessary and give you direction through the litigation process makes everything go easy.

How Do Limited Representation Agreements Work?

At Adams Legal Group, we offer flat-fee divorce and custody limited representation arrangements – just click on the link, select the limited representation package that is right for you, fill out our simple contact form and let’s get started! Our arrangements vary based upon what type of case you have and the level of assistance you need. The packages we offer range from $399 to $2,499 depending on your case and the level of assistance you are looking for.

What Can An Attorney Not Do Under A Limited Representation Agreement?

Under a limited representation agreement an attorney cannot sign documents, cannot appear in court, cannot discuss your case with the other party, and cannot formally do any action on your behalf in the representation. The attorney’s assistance is limited strictly to helping you prepare documents and represent yourself in the proceeding.

How Can I Get More Information On Simplifying My Family Court Case With Limited Representation?

If you are interested in learning more about the flat-fee limited representation services we offer at Adams Legal Group, PLLC in your WV divorce or custody case please visit our webpage at https://www.adams-legal.com/wv-family-law-services/ . If you are ready to move forward, please complete the request form on the package you wish to select, and we will contact you to get started.

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