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Property Damage Claims Lawyer Morgantown WV

If you’re property has suffered serious damages in West Virginia due to the structural failure or careless activities of other parties, then get in touch with our property damage lawyer today. At Adams Legal Group PLLC, our attorney can help has the experience and thorough understanding and complete knowledge of the applicable laws much needed to help you secure full and fair compensation for damages to your property.

Here’s a quick overview of the common causes for property damage that you can file a claim for in Morgantown, WV:

  • Earth Movement

If you’re property has been damaged due to landslides, mudslide, shock wave, earthquake, or rockfalls caused by activities like improper excavation procedures, water diversion or mine subsidence, then you’re eligible for a claim. However, in-depth investigation is crucial to success. Our property damage lawyer can investigate your case to determine the entity at fault such as the mining, fracking, or engineering firm. The party at fault will be liable to pay for the property damages.

  • Structural Failure

You can also file a claim for property damage if it has occurred due to structural failure. A property may suffer from structural failure due to different reasons like contractor errors, engineering mistakes, construction defects, and defective materials. This type of failure can occur right away or after many years. However, in both situations the negligent party is fully accountable by law. And that is exactly what we do. Our attorney will assist you with establishing liability for the loss incurred and ensure compensation in full.

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Let us help you recover the loss that occurred to your property due to other party negligence, incompetence or careless activities.

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