Child Custody Lawyer West Virginia Visitation

Child Custody Lawyer West VirginiaIf you are seeking visitation rights to minor children who are not your biological children, it is challenging, but not impossible and certainly not unheard of. In fact, over the years, it has become more commonplace, especially when working with an experienced child custody lawyer. At Adams Legal Group we have helped our fellow community members in West Virginia secure visitation rights since 2011. Give us a call to speak with a seasoned child custody lawyer at no charge to learn what we might be able to do for you.

Visitation Schedules

If the parents of a child or the court grant you visitation rights to a child, very likely a judge will determine a parenting plan or visitation schedule with which you must abide. It’s possible that you may have some input regarding the details, though whether or not that’s the case, you may benefit from having a child custody lawyer from Adams Legal Group representing you. We have experience with working with the various judges in our jurisdiction and may be able to work out arrangements that are favorable to the child as well as to you.

The visitation schedule will specify when and under what circumstances you can visit with the child. Your child custody lawyer can provide you with more specific information, but generally speaking, the schedule will probably cover the following concerns:

·         Which weekends of the year or how many weekends in a month you can visit with the child.
·         How often and when overnight visits will occur.
·         Where, when, and who will pick up the child or drop them off before and after visitation.
·         The length of time for each visit.
·         Which holidays, vacation times, and special occasions will be included in the visitation schedule.

Petitioning the Court for Visitation Rights

Before a judge grants you visitation rights of a child who is not your own, your West Virginia child custody lawyer must present convincing evidence as to why the child will be harmed if you don’t gain those rights. The burden of proof is on your and your lawyer’s shoulders; not the child’s legal parents. Witness statements and a psychological evaluation may be needed, but your child custody lawyer can examine the facts of your case and tell you what will likely be necessary.

The Visitation Rights of Grandparents

Every state in the union has laws that contain language that provides for the rights of grandparents when it comes to visitation of their grandchildren. However, their rights are not carte blanche and are subject to limitations and exclusions. For this reason, rare is the situation which cannot be benefited in some way to having legal counsel. If you are fighting for visitation rights to your grandchild, contact us at Adams Legal Group to speak with a child custody lawyer from our firm. We are all too familiar with scenarios in which grandparents must fight for their rights when their child’s former spouse refuses them access to their grandchildren. In some cases, it’s their own child who refuses them access to their grandchildren. We have seen great success with working through a mediator to negotiate terms with the child’s legal guardian. In addition, a child custody lawyer from Adams Legal Group can be by your side throughout the mediation process.

If you would like to know more about non-parent visitation rights, contact a child custody lawyer West Virginia clients recommend to meet with a child custody lawyer at no charge.