Wrongful Death Lawyer West Virginia

Wrongful Death Lawyer West Virginia

Each wrongful death lawyer at Adams Legal Group, PLLC has seen firsthand the emotional devastation that a family goes through after they lose a loved one in a workplace accident. There can be no end to the amount of grief they experience, particularly when they know their loved one’s death was avoidable. Though nothing can erase what happened, it’s important to understand one’s legal options after such a tragedy. Call us to speak with a wrongful death lawyer for a confidential, no cost consultation.


Workers Compensation Benefits
Workers compensation benefits are intended to cover a worker’s medical costs and a portion of their wages after getting hurt on the job. But do they apply when a worker is killed in a workplace accident? This depends.


Very likely, your loved one’s employer or their insurance company will offer you a settlement amount in exchange for not suing them for your family member’s fatality. However, before you sign on the dotted and accept their offer, contact a West Virginia wrongful death lawyer at Adams Legal Group, PLLC. It’s very important to do this because in many cases, the settlement offer is way below what is a fair amount of compensation. It may also be far less than what they are actually willing to pay.


Our legal team is adept at determining fair compensation for a fatal workplace accident and the loss the family will suffer long term as a result. We may be able to negotiate a substantially larger settlement on your family’s behalf.


Wrongful Death Litigation
When you work with a wrongful death lawyer in West Virginia from Adams Legal Group, PLLC, your best interests will always be considered. Your attorney may review the details and variables associated with your case, and determine the maximum value of your current and future losses, such as income from the loss of your loved one. If the employer or their insurance company refuses to pay you a fair settlement amount, we make every effort to negotiate with them to change their mind. If this process is unsuccessful, our legal team prepares to escalate the case to courtroom litigation. If it is necessary, we will file a civil lawsuit for a wrongful death and name all of the responsible parties as defendants.


It is nearly impossible to place a dollar value on the loss of your loved one. However, the law requires this in order to pursue compensation for a wrongful death. As experienced attorneys, we recognize the difficulty of this but can provide a professional and neutral legal opinion that courts will recognize as valid. A wrongful death lawyer from our firm may review the circumstances of your situation, determine what should be included as damages, and assign them a dollar value. Damages might include:
  • The loss of your loved one’s future income, bonuses, vacation pay, medical benefits, and stock options.
  • Medical expenses they incurred from the accident.
  • Funeral and burial expenses.
  • Emotional loss from the death of your loved one.
Call a Wrongful Death Lawyer Who Cares
If you lost a close family member to a workplace accident, you may be eligible to file a wrongful death suit against their employer or insurance company. Call us today to schedule a confidential and complimentary case review with an experienced and compassionate wrongful death lawyer West Virginia families trust from Adams Legal Group, PLLC.