The Step by Step Guide to Getting Legal Help After An Auto Accident

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Top Tips Of What To Do After An Auto Accident

Too many times good people have been denied the basic rights to recovery after an auto accident, from their insurance claims because they did not know the right procedure to follow. In the case of autowv auto accident lawyer accidents, this can happen more often because the individual is already under a lot of stress. If the correct procedures are not followed after a car crash, your insurance company could very well reject your claim. We know the emotionally and physically draining effects an accident can have, which is why we have tried to simplify the process so that you can remember it when you need it the most. Keep these steps in mind so that the whole procedure of getting legal help and claiming insurance can go ahead smoothly.

Steps To Take After An Auto accident

  1. Check for injuries: We cannot stress this point enough. Checking for injuries immediately after a car accident is important for your personal safety and for legal purposes. If you find that you are badly injured, you should seek medical help as soon as possible. If you can, then dial 911 or ask someone who is around to call. Do not try to move if you are in a lot of pain or bleeding. Only once you have been treated and are out of danger should you ask for a copy of the medical report, this will be important to show that your injuries were caused by the accident.
  2. Record the accident: If you can move about and have made sure that you are not seriously injured (although we suggest that you do get yourself checked as soon as possible), then take note of everything that is happening. Take pictures and videos of the accident scene including any physical injuries and damage to your vehicle. Also get a picture of license plate number and the other car or truck involved in the accident. Use a voice recorder to record your memories of the accident while the events are still fresh.
  3. Get witness information: Talk to the people who were at the scene as ask them their accounts of what happened. Also, take names and contact information of witnesses to help the police if there is an investigation.
  4. Cooperate with the police: While you do not have to volunteer any information or admit fault to the police, you will still need to answer their questions. If you need to you can ask to have your lawyer present before you say anything. But keep in mind never to assume the blame regardless of the situation.
  5. Call your lawyer: You might be in a state of shock soon after the auto accident and might not be able to remember all the steps that you have to take. At a time like this call a family member or friend to help you, but also call the best auto accident lawyer in Morgantown, WV at the Adams Legal Group, PLLC. Complete one of our easy contact forms contained on our website or call us at your earliest convenience at (304) 381-2166 and set up a free initial consultation to discuss your auto accident claim. 
  6. Get Medical Treatment: Follow all of the recommendations for medical treatment.  If your insurance or the other party’s insurance will not pay, we may be able to help you get treatment now with a promise to pay later. This typically only works with certain medical providers, and only where the other party to the accident was clearly at fault. We can help you find the right providers and demonstrate to them that your case has merit.